Meet the new Wellstate beauty product line. Only pure, natural ingredients and zero artificial colors, synthetic fragrances or chemical preservatives.

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Wellstate skin, body and hair care products are created, designed and manufactured in the EU only from the highest quality, thoroughly tested certified organic and natural ingredients. We use state of the art technologies and innovative packaging to provide you pure, safe and highly effective cosmetics. This year, let's go natural together with Wellstate!

Why choose Wellstate? 

Because our beauty is as natural as it gets.

Get to know more about our products:

All our ingredients are clean, ethically sourced and cruelty-free. We use modern manufacturing processes to reduce waste and energy use.

What goes on your skin eventually goes in your body, so feed your skin - and body - the good stuff, with no sulphates, parabens and silicone!

Pure and fresh = more effective

Better for your skin - and your health

Our products contain zero artificial colorants, preservatives or fragrances that can cause irritation and even trigger allergic reactions.

Good for the environment

No toxins of any kind

Our favorite words: Pure, Fresh and Simple. Wellstate beauty products work better simply because they are made of superior ingredients.

"Very cooling and soothing, makes my skin soft. I have really sensitive and allergic skin and I got a lot of rashes and redness. I put some aloe vera and it all goes away after a few minutes."

Chelsea Farrow, Verified Buyer - Damask Rose Water

Jade Beckett, Verified Buyer - Argan Hair Mask

"A must item for anyone who suffers from dry or damaged hair. It smells wonderful, and leaves my hair feeling soft and amazingly glossy. The best treatment I have tried, and it's all natural! Give it a try, you won't be disappointed."

Our customers tell it better than us:

Sabrina Picard, Verified Buyer - Stretch Mark Cream

"I carry it round with me all the time. It has a really beautiful and clean rose smell and I love spraying it across my face on hot days. Instant refreshment."

"The best stretch marks cream ever! It's easy to apply, not messy and smells great. I'm 6 months pregnant, have been using this cream from the beginning of my pregnancy, no stretch marks so far."

Kelly Gomes , Verified Buyer - Aloe Vera Gel